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Only 4 days to get those dads a gift! Need some ideas?

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Father's Day is this Sunday! Are you ready? I'm usually prepared weeks in advance, but since becoming a mom, it's been hard to keep up. We all know that not all dads are created equal, but in our house, daddy helps with everything. Whether it's a diaper change or play time, dad is always up to the challenge. Our little girl lights up when he is around. Of course in addition to Andrew, we are also going to celebrate the Grandpas which means extra gift buying, but if that's not your situation that's okay too.

When I was growing up, getting dad a wallet or tie was a 'classic' dad gift. The dads and grandpas in our life don't wear ties but a new wallet is never out of the question.

If Dad needs a new wallet, try the Ridge Wallet : My husband has this wallet and loves it. Normally $95 it’s on sale for $76 His second choice is this Ekster Parliament Wallet at $89.

The price tag may be a little scary, but it pales in comparison to the chiropractor bills you likely have if your hubby is till sitting on a small book every day.

While you might think of a children's book as more for the kiddos than the dad, you'll never regret time spent together. We both love reading with Addie, and the quality time you get reading together is bar none. Truly, we all benefit. The first book also has a matching book called why a daughter needs a mom, we have both and love reading them to our little girl.

Daddy Books Why a daughter needs a dad. This book is literally adorable and a must have for a daddy daughter duo. Why a son needs a dad. I haven’t read this one, but I imagine if you have a boy/boys than this book is just as adorable as the daddy daughter book.

Daddy Fix it

Andrew is the type of guy who can't see a wobbly chair leg, or cabinet door that needs a little extra tightening and not fix it. I love that about him, but it can be frustrating when the timing is off, but if Addie has a toy that needs something extra there is nothing like watching her run up to her daddy and handing it to him. Whether it needs something simple like to be turned on, or more complicated Daddy is always the one for the job.

My husband has this tool and loves it. He says it’s perfect for repairing small items and changing batteries in toys.

Dad Looks

Andrew is also a stylish Dad. I was hoping to add more matching daddy daughter look, but I couldn't find anything that could ship in time. You can never have too many sunglasses, and these are our favorites!

These sunglasses are the best. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know Addie found a pair at a local running shop. She loved them, she put them on, we’ve watched her pull them off, try to pull them apart, step on them, put them back on, they are still in great shape. They fit us, they fit her, and now we all want a pair.

Some other great options include nice shirts, ties/bow ties, lapel pins, gowever, I usually let Andrew pick out his nicer stuff because we don't always agree on what styles are best. When I do get Daddy-daughter stuff, I stick to simpler natural designs. One of my favorites was a shirt from Aspen and Co, his said Girl Dad, and Addie's said Daddy's Girl.

Dads who like to grill

In the summer, all the dads in our family love to grill out and have people over.

Whatever you get your dad or your child’s dad, I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Also, I want to add, if you're taking on the role of both mom and dad, take time for yourself this Father's Day, whatever that may look like. Dads and Fathers we appreciate you. Moms doing both, we admire you, too.

A gift that really works for anyone, is the Aura Frame. One of my absolute favorite features about this frame, is you can download an app and set up multiple members who can upload to it. My husband gifted me one for Mother's Day, and we gifted the grandparents one for Christmas, and their birthdays. Now, four sets of grandparents have an aura, and with one app, we can upload recent photos to all of them. It's a little on the pricey side of these gift options, but if it is in your budget it is definitely worth the money!

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