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Was our kitchen helper stand worth the price? GuideCraft Kitchen Helper Review

This post may contain affiliate links. That means we may make a small commission on items purchased through links in this post at no extra cost to you!

Recently we got a GuideCraft Kitchen Helper Stand on Amazon.

See below for the link. Want to find out why? Read the middle.

In this GuideCraft Kitchen Helper Review were looking at it all. First let's start with the why.

I had seen the kitchen helper recommended all over Instagram and social media. Usually with kiddos older than Addie. When I first saw it, it wasn’t a must have. I wanted it to help with teaching Addie independence. But with the $200 price tag, and all the other things she needs. It seemed like it could wait. That is of course, until things changed. My husband started working longer hours and I myself was still working a full time job myself. I would come home with Addie, try to play with her, cook dinner with her, keep the house clean. You know all of the usual things. Addie, tiny human love of my life, was driving me crazy. She is still very much in the I want to be held by mommy phase, which I love but makes it so hard to get things done. After we attempt to potty, get our snack, and then have playtime I would attempt to start dinner. For weeks while my husband worked insane hours Addie would scream and throw a fit. She would pull on my clothes, and the only time she would calm down was if I held her while I cooked. The stove is hot, exhausting, and I need two hands. Most nights I would be so frustrated around dinner time.

At a certain point enough was enough. Obviously the kitchen helper isn’t going to solve all of our problems. But we decided we needed to at least try. Something had to change, either I needed to started ordering food, doing crockpots, or I needed to get something that would allow her to be entertained while I cooked. Since it seemed like what she wanted more than anything was me, this seemed like the best option for us.

A friend of mine had received two kitchen helpers, and actually offered me her extra one. It was an open box kitchen help item they received as gift from a relative. They had also gotten the kitchen guide craft. Of course aesthetically the Guide Craft was more what I wanted, but I couldn't turn down a free stand. Especially when we are always trying to budget and save money.

So the next weekend we had available we put together the stand. I think we had to stop half way during building it, and maybe the whole combined time was about 30 mins. When we got to the last few pieces part of the wood was broken and it didn’t fit together quite right. Andrew and I were both frustrated, he stated he could probably do some stuff in his shop to fix it. But not wanting to put it off any longer I just wanted to order the Kitchen Helper.

We decided we were going to order natural. I had been on the fence between white and natural. Both are very pretty white is always a good choice, but natural matched our cabinets. So it comes in, and I have convinced my husband to set up the camera to film the unboxing. Everything was set up and going smoothly until we opened the box. It was white. My husbands eyes meet mine, and my mind "Shit," Mom brain. I ordered the wrong color. I immediately told him we could send it back, I could order another one. I felt so bad because I had obsessed over which color before ordering it,and we had agreed on natural. He assured me it was okay and white would be fine in the kitchen. Luckily he liked the white too. Oops.

I thought it would be difficult to put together. Honestly most things seem to have a ton of steps. The first stand was very difficult and ultimately so frustrating because we couldn’t use it.

But the GuideCraft Kitchen helper was so easy to put together. It didn’t need two people, my husband did most of it pretty quickly while my daughter checked out the kitchen helper. See the video below to watch us put it together.

At the time she wasn’t big enough just yet to crawl into and out of it on her own. But this week I opened the cloth 'door' and she crawled right into it. Now I have to make sure the door is closed or she will keep getting into it. She hasn't figured out how to get down, but I'm sure it won't be long. Right away I wanted to test it out my while husband had something to work on in another room. Addie played in the kitchen helper while I washed the dishes.

I gave her some toys, snacks, and she was at counter level. She was with me, but not on me. It’s not perfect, I still have to take breaks, engage with her, all the best parts and none of the continuous screaming. None of the trying to juggle cooking dinner with one hand. Everyone was happy.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When you click the link here or in the opening paragraph of this post and purchase through the link, I receive a small commission from the sale.

Here is a video of us putting it together, and you can see just how quick and easy it really was.

It really was worth the money to us. It was quick easy, and has been a big help.

Ways we use it:

  • When we cook dinner with 1 parent

  • Using toys and snacks at counter height

  • Attaching coloring sheets to the fridge and let her color

  • Letting her help with small food actives

  • Washing her hands (this was a life saver because trying to hold her and wash her hands did not go over well or either of us)

After using it for a few months, I want to follow up and add to this GuideCraft Kitchen Helper Review. First we are still loving the GuideCraft Kitchen Helper. Now that my daughter is close to her second birthday she is climbing up and down it on her own. It has been a lifesaver to me, lately my husband has been cooking more of the dinners which I'm not complaining about. But Addie still loves to be in the kitchen helper, we still use it almost everyday in the kitchen and when it's not in use we fold it up and store it off to the side.

However, since this is a GuideCraft Kitchen Helper Review I feel that is important to mention so downsides. The white cloth has gotten a little (a lot) dirty and I've had to wash it a few times. I don't love how they made this feature where you have to unscrew the bolts to get the fabric off to wash it but it's not terrible. Some of the paint has cracked and is worn, I suppose that is from all the using it but it's a little disappointing considering the price tag and the fact we have had it maybe 5 months. I was taking it to the bathroom and letting her use it to wash her hands in there and then bringing it back to the kitchen. I do not recommend doing that. We ended up getting a different step stool for the bathroom and it is so much easier on all of us. But despite these points overall we are all still loving the kitchen helper stand. I definitely recommend getting a kitchen helper stand.

Thanks for reading,


This post may contain affiliate links. That means we may make a small commission on items purchased through links in this post at no extra cost to you!


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