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Mother holding daughter, daughter facing camera
Three people: man, father in red shirt hold daughter, female toddler in white dress with red flowers and black jacket next to woman mother in white dress with red flowers and black jacket. All three standing in front of a lake.
woman/mother in pink dress holding daughter small female child in pink dress in front of a white and glass outdoor house

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Welcome Mamas!

Hey There, I'm Angie

After a seven-year journey filled with challenges, I finally realized my dream of becoming a mother. Yet, this transformative experience also brought an unexpected identity crisis. Embracing motherhood while aiming for a career, being a stay-at-home mom wasn't on my radar. Holding my daughter changed me profoundly.

Now, I'm dedicated to sharing insights and resources that helped me reclaim my post-motherhood identity, regain control, and infuse life with passion. With a deep understanding of both infertility struggles and the joys of motherhood, I'm here to guide fellow mothers in navigating this intricate terrain. From self-care to balancing toddlerhood and personal growth, let's embrace every stage while crafting lives filled with love and fulfillment.


Welcome to a community of empowering motherhood and self-discovery, where we flourish together.

Angie at the beach

Recent Posts

Mother Daughter


and it's not.

After struggling for years to get pregnant, it's been all about Addie before she was even born.

For us it will always be all about that addie, just as I'm sure your child will always be a huge part of you.

My hope, goal, dream, wish is to




Join my heartfelt motherhood journey as I explore self-care, navigating post-infertility parenting with insights, support, and inspiration.

Bites and sights:

Embark on a delightful journey with Bites and Sights, where I combine restaurant reviews, enchanting park explorations, and family-friendly destinations, sharing our experiences to give you ideas for your next joyful outing.

Toddler Tales:

Step into Toddler Tales – from stages to milestones, laughter to mother-daughter activities – a heartwarming journey into the world of raising a little one.

Deals and steals:

Unlock a treasure trove of everyday essentials and exclusive discounts as I spill the beans on my favorite products and share irresistible deals and discount codes with you.

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